Abba Medix Launches Strain Developed for Veterans with PTSD

Published: January 28, 2021

Abba Medix Launches Strain Developed for Veterans with PTSD

Canada House Wellness Group, a fully integrated medical cannabis company, is pleased to announce the launch of Veterans Kush, a cultivar developed specifically for Veterans with PTSD, by its wholly owned subsidiary Abba Medix Corp. (Abba).  The cultivar is the first released under Abba’s partnership with InPlanta Biotechnology (InPlanta) to access their cannabis genetics and is available exclusively to registered Abba patients.

This strain has been seven years in development.  Dr. Darryl Hudson, PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics, worked previously with Canada House Clinics (at the time operating as Marijuana for Trauma), and veteran patients of the clinics to assess the efficacy of various cultivars for treatment of PTSD and related conditions.   Based on that research, InPlanta developed this custom cultivar.  Veterans Kush is a hybrid of B.C. Rockstar and Master Kush backcrossed to Rockstar to achieve the cannabinoid and terpene profiles that Veterans have reported having success with.

“As a veteran with combat related PTSD and chronic pain, I am very excited about this Veteran specific strain,” said Glen Coyle, Veteran Advocate for Abba and Canada House Clinics. “This is the only strain that I have tried that gave me all the relief I needed.  I am so happy for my fellow brothers and sisters who have served to now have access to Veterans Kush.”

“This has been a long seven-year journey from research, cultivar creation and then finding the right LP partner to bring this to market,” added Dr. Hudson, CEO of InPlanta. “From Canada House Clinics’ history of serving Veterans, to the Veteran focus of Abba’s product portfolio, I am pleased that Canada House has brought this custom cultivar to the Veteran community.”

“Marijuana for Trauma was founded with the mission of helping Veterans with PTSD,” added Mike Southwell, co-founder of Marijuana for Trauma (now Canada House Clinics).  “We purchased Abba Medix in 2016 so that we could source and bring to market the best medical cannabis for Veterans who are struggling with PTSD, pain, and lack of sleep.  Thank you Dr. Hudson for helping our community with your expertise.”

InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. is a leading Cannabis Research & Development company based in Lethbridge, Alberta, lead by Dr. Darryl Hudson and Dr. Igor Kovalchuk who recently attracted international attention through work on Cannabis as a potential therapy in the management of COVID-19.

Canada House Wellness Group is the parent company of Abba Medix Corp., a Licensed Producer in Pickering, Ontario that produces high quality medical grade cannabis; IsoCanMed Inc., a Licensed Producer in Louiseville, Québec growing best-in-class indoor cannabis, in its 64,000 sq. ft. production facility employing state-of-the-art vertical, aeroponic production methodologies; Canada House Clinics Inc., with clinics across the country that work directly with primary care teams to provide specialized cannabinoid therapy services to patients suffering from simple and complex medical conditions; and Knalysis Technologies, a provider of fully customizable, cloud-based software that links physician, provider, and patient to data that supports treatment with medical cannabis.

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