48North Provides Update on its 100-acre Outdoor Farm Application

Published: January 24, 2019

48North Provides Update on its 100-acre Outdoor Farm Application

48North Cannabis Corp. has submitted its site evidence package to Health Canada in connection with its license application, submitted in October 2018, for the Company’s 100-acre outdoor farm in Brant County, Ontario.

The farm site evidence package is a Health Canada pre-licensing requirement. It provides Health Canada with comprehensive evidence confirming that 48North has successfully built-out the security provisions on its farm, as outlined in its license application, including but not limited to security fencing, cameras, and intrusion and access control. 48North has proactively taken this step to reaffirm its commitment and preparedness to begin cultivating outdoor-grown organic cannabis in June 2019.

The farm site evidence package was produced and developed under the direct supervision of David Hyde, President of 3|Sixty Secure Corp., the leading Canadian security and licensing consulting firm in the regulated cannabis sector in Canada and abroad.

“48North is excited to be leading the way on outdoor cultivation and are committed to developing a best in class licensed farm,” said Jeannette VanderMarel, co-CEO of 48North. “48North’s outdoor farm provides a substantial source of production which can meaningfully assist in solving the current supply shortage facing the regulated cannabis industry. We look forward to continuing to work with Health Canada on the licensing process and are keen to begin cultivating outdoors in June 2019.”

In addition to 48North’s 5,000 kg of indoor grown production in Kirkland Lake and Brantford, Ontario, 48North expects to cultivate 40,000 kg of dried organic cannabis, from over 3.7 million sq. ft. of outdoor cultivation space. This capacity puts 48North in line with some of the largest producers of cannabis in the country.

Together with its two licensed indoor facilities, 48North’s organic outdoor cannabis farm further cements the Company’s position as an industry-leader with respect to the development and distribution of next-generation cannabis products.