3 Sixty Secure Corp. and Cannamerx, a B2B Cannabis Marketplace, Announce a Strategic Alliance

Published: February 8, 2019

3 Sixty Secure Corp. and Cannamerx, a B2B Cannabis Marketplace, Announce a Strategic Alliance

3 Sixty Secure Corp. has entered a strategic alliance with the Cannabis Mercantile Exchange (“Cannamerx”), the fully automated international auction platform for wholesale cannabis, cannabis products, and genetics, to recommend certain products and services provided by each company to their respective customer base. There are more than 50 Canadian licensed cannabis companies that have joined Cannamerx, and since June 2018 it has helped facilitate the trade of more than 25 tonnes of cannabis and cannabis products through its automated auction platform as well as supply agreement auction process.

“We view the formation of a strategic alliance with Cannamerx as another opportunity for 3 Sixty to grow our domestic customer base and to gain access to the highly lucrative international market,” said Thomas Gerstenecker, CEO and Founder of 3Sixty. “In a short period, Cannamerx has added more than 50 Canadian cannabis companies to its platform and has taken on a well-regarded and important key role in the Canadian cannabis supply chain. We look forward to providing our world-class offering to all Cannamerx clients. As Cannamerx grows, we will be well positioned to serve its B2B customers that require a leading seed-to-sale security provider to safely transport cannabis products while remaining compliant across multiple jurisdictions.”

Both companies emphasize that this strategic alliance does not involve any kind of payment between 3 Sixty and Cannamerx. Furthermore, Cannamerx does not have any financial stake in 3 Sixty, nor does 3 Sixty have any financial stake in Cannamerx. This is in line with Cannamerx’s standing policy to never accept or pay referral fees from or to any of its partners or to have any kind of financial stake in any cannabis related company or allow any cannabis related company to have any kind of financial stake in Cannamerx.

“We have been very impressed with the growth and performance of 3 Sixty’s world-class security services, as well as its top-tier customer base which includes some of Canada’s leading LPs,” added Dietwald Claus, CEO of Cannamerx. “We are very proud to work with 3 Sixty to provide secure transport solutions to Cannamerx clients for products traded via the Cannamerx system, as well as promoting 3 Sixty’s other services, from security consulting to site protection. Partnering with the highest quality service providers is yet another way we can add value for the licensed cannabis companies that use our trading platform.”